Fred Keller

Fred Keller has been a mandolinist for twenty years specializing in:

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Bluegrass, emphasis on Monroe-style

I’ve worked with people who have never held a mandolin to people who play in bands, all ages, all sizes.  I am passionate about teaching my favorite instrument.

The mandolin—tuned like a fiddle but picked like a guitar—makes a perfect instrument for smaller folks, young folks, old folks, and everyone in between.  All you need to supply is the instrument, a pick, and energy.  Don’t have a mandolin?  I can help you find one at nearly any price point.

It works great for rhythm and playing melodies, solo or in a group.  Practice in the car (well, not while driving)!  Fits in the overhead compartment on an airplane.  Neighbors won’t complain about the noise like they do about tuba players.

In just one lesson I can get you playing a few easy chords, enough to strum along and play some campfire, folk, or church songs. After a few weeks, you will be able to pick out some simple melodies, develop callouses you can be proud of, and will fall in love with this amazing instrument.

Everyone learns differently and I try to adjust my style to yours.  I promise you will not merely learn scales nor will I simply hand you a new piece of music each session.  I take the time to assess current skills and to ascertain what music you enjoy or want to learn.

I use your music to teach technique, from the basics to the professional.  I can teach beginner mandolin to everyone but if you choose a style of music that is not one of my specialties, I will find you the next instructor when you’re ready.

If you don’t read music, no problem.  If you want to learn, I can do that too.  I teach in all formats:  standard notation, tab, and aural.

Thanks to Bill Monroe, no bluegrass band is complete without mandolin but you can play any kind of music on it, from Irish to Swing, from Blues to Old-Time, Scandinavian, Gospel, Folk, Classical, Pop, Rock…you name it.