Lesson Policy

Blackbird’s Music Store Lesson Policy

Group Statement:

Our goal is to offer lessons at an affordable price to the local community and to support our students in learning music and our teachers in their professional careers. We recognize the importance of communication between teachers, parents and students to help encourage a healthy environment for learning.

Lesson Policy

In our efforts to better serve our students Blackbird’s Music Store has formed a lesson policy. This policy is designed to encourage a mutual understanding between teacher, student, and parent. It defines specific policies regarding lesson cancellations and rescheduling.

1. Payment is due following each lesson or at the start of grouped lessons.

2. To reschedule a lesson, parents and/or students should text, call, or email teachers 24 hours before their scheduled lesson.

3. Students paying for a six lesson package are allowed one rescheduled lesson without 24 hr. notice for emergency, sickness, etc. per every Six Lessons.

4. If more than one lesson without 24hr. notice is given per Six Lessons, the lesson(s) will be forfeit, and the student will be charged for the lesson.

5. Students paying for individual lessons will be given a 20% discount on their sixth lesson if the student has not missed a week of lessons or has given 24 hour notice before rescheduling a lesson.

Blackbird wishes to provide an excellent learning environment for both teachers and students. We hope to provide outstanding music lessons here at the shop and realize that this is an ongoing process which requires supportive parents, quality teachers, and inspired students.

We welcome any feedback regarding lessons, policy, and teachers. Thanks so much for supporting Blackbird!


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